Absurd Person Singular section of Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website is dedicated to Jeannie Swales both for her work for the Stephen Joseph Theatre and also for her friendship and support over the years.

Jeannie has worked in the press office at the Stephen Joseph Theatre since May 1989 when Alan Ayckbourn appointed her press officer for the company - previously she had been the Arts Reporter for the Scarborough Evening News and had enjoyed a close relationship with the company. Jeannie worked in the press office until 1997 and the birth of her son, Michael, but later returned to the company where she continues to work in the press office. She has been a passionate supporter of both Alan Ayckbourn and the SJT.

I first met Jeannie in the early 1990s and, as a young journalist I considered her not only to be a friend, but also a mentor. She taught me some of the most important lessons I would ever learn as a journalist - many of which I still pass onto aspiring writers today. In her role as press officer and friend, she enabled me to both learn about the Stephen Joseph Theatre and make life in a regional newsroom tolerable! She was, in no small way, one of the inspirations for wanting to work in the theatre and making the decision to take a leap of faith when I left the Scarborough Evening News in 1999. A decision which radically changed my life for the better.

Jeannie has been there for me to celebrate the best times and to provide comfort at the worse. My life would be a lot poorer without her in it.
Absurd Person Singular is her favourite Ayckbourn play and it's only right this section of the website is dedicated to her.

Simon Murgatroyd